Food Production


As the sun was going down we crossed a river tumbling out of the foothills where local Malawian women were washing their crops in preparation for market. We immediately pulled over and after getting their permission began to document their daily chores as the sun began to glow a distinctive orange color I’ve only seen in Malawi.

On our assignments in Africa we’ve seen the challenges that people face producing enough food for themselves much less for market. As The World Bank recently reported, food production in sub-Saharan Africa needs to increase by 60 percent over the next 15 years to feed a growing population. But with technology and infrastructure improving those challenges are turning into opportunities. According to a recent CNN report, women across the continent are taking matters into their own hands, and kick-starting an enthusiasm for agribusiness among young people. Farming and food have helped them break down gender barriers and reap the fruits of success.





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