Never Stop Looking

Bolivian woman in the field

When we’re working in places like Bolivia we spend a fair amount of time riding in vehicles looking out the window as we pass through the landscape. It just so happened that we traveled this one particular road more than once during our time in Bolivia and as we did we noticed this small farm by the side of the road. After a couple of days of driving by and seeing nothing but cows we decided to stop when we saw this couple out in the fields. This type of intrusion is never easy and I always imagine myself on the other side of the meeting and how I might react if a group of foreigners jumped out of the car while I was cutting the grass and asked if they could interview me and take some photos. I’m not sure I’d be as hospitable as the people we encounter all over the world who are generally more than happy to stop what they’re doing and tell you all about themselves. So as we talked across the language barrier it became obvious that the work needed to go on and so the woman turned back to her milking and ignored me as I photographed her doing her daily chores.

Another example of not knowing where the next image is going to come from but knowing that you never stop looking for it.


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